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UPDATE!!!!!!!  Conference registration is now live!  There are many great classes, competitions, and entertainment choices at this year’s conference in Pasco, WA.  Please make sure to CLICK HERE to take you to the conference page for the latest updates.  Hotel links will be updated as they are received.



The deadline to apply for the 2017-18 Driver/Trainer scholarship is rapidly approaching.  Please make sure you go to the Scholarship page to apply for this wonderful opportunity.  Two awardees (one east and one west) will gain the ability to attend this training and serve their districts as a state-certified driver trainer.  For consideration, applications may also be emailed to the webmaster at



Welcome to your 41st Annual WAPT Conference!  We are excited to see you at our new location: TRAC Center – Pasco, WA.  Your board has been working tirelessly to put together this exciting program and workshops.  Everything we do as a board is for the betterment of our members.

This year, we have moved to Pasco in an effort to promote more participation, training, networking, and most of all friendship.  Keep that in mind let me share with you this year’s theme:

Brighter, Bolder, and Better!

As our board member Elizabeth Fisher put it:

  • Brighter:  The Big Yellow Bus serves as a brightly-lit beacon for education.  Our color serves as the linking image between home and the wide world of school.

  • Bolder:  The Big Yellow Bus proudly pushes forth our vision of access for every child to a quality education.  It has been said that Public Education is the greatest equalizer with respect to future opportunities.  Without our team, providing equal access would be difficult.

  • Better:  It’s what we do.  We are constantly finding new ways to be safer, more efficient, and more service-oriented.  We are always looking to hone our craft, and deepen our partnership with those tasked with the formal education of our students.

We are truly blessed to have such talent among our board and organization, Elizabeth could not have said it any better.  Please take time to introduce yourself to the board members, let them know what we can do to improve the conference, workshops, vendors, etc.

Be safe, enjoy your conference and most of all, get to know your neighbor, fellow bus driver, supervisor, and director.



Are you looking for a way to help with driver recruitment?  Have you exhausted your normal outreach methods?  Would you like a new way to reach out to your community?  If this is the case, then your state organization has some help.  Thanks to the hard work from the Snoqualmie Valley School District,  we have a video (available via this link) you can use as a template to help with your recruiting drives.

Once you put in your district’s information, this video can be used in places like local theaters or through your area’s local access TV stations and cable companies.  The more visibility your district has in the community, your potential pool of drivers can be that much bigger.



The board has put together a conference agenda to help with planning your visit.  Please click here for the latest version of the agenda.


Letters…we have a place for letters!

WAPT has a new address for mail.  Please change your address books to show:


Washington Association for Pupil Transportation

P.O. Box 482

Yakima, WA  98907

WAPT State Conference information


Conference information is now live.  Please either navigate your way to the conference web page under the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, or, click here to go directly to the page.


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