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Welcome to the WAPT website!


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Letters…we have a place for letters!

WAPT has a new address for mail.  Please change your address books to show:


Washington Association for Pupil Transportation

P.O. Box 482

Yakima, WA  98907

2015 Energetic Conference Theme


Your state board is pleased to announce the theme of the 2015 WAPT State Conference.  This year’s theme is “THE ENERGY BUS”  Bring your most positive self and avoid being on the negative side of life…Our speakers are guaranteed to be electrifying, and your batteries will be recharged from all of the current information being handed out.

Conference Handouts


For those looking for workshop handouts, we have made a clickable version of the workshop matrix.  Workshops with handouts are marked with a red box around the workshop’s name.  Click anywhere inside the red box to be brought to the handout. As we receive more handouts, we will update the matrix with additional links.


Click here for handouts


Roadeo Drivers make Evening News!


During the roadeo on Sunday, local television reporters arrived to see what all the fuss was about. Click the following links to see what they had to say:


Local CBS Coverage

Local NBC Coverage


Website Navigation


As most of you are aware, there have been some changes in the appearance of your website since the beginning of the school year.  In order to streamline the inner workings of the site, you will notice that some of the pages have been moved from links on the side bar to the tabs at the top of every page.  For your reference, here is a “rough layout” on how the site is organized:

ABOUT US:  This page is exactly what it sounds like.  It is why we do what we do.

BOARD:  This page (and the sub-tabs under “BOARD”) is designed to give you information about your elected board members.  In addition, the WAPT financial reports and board nominations are located under this menu choice.

REGIONS:  This page is designed to be a “news and information” about what’s going on in your respective regions.  This page (along with the sub-pages) is meant to be continually updated with information and events.  Please bear with us in these pages, as they are still going under re-organization.

CALENDAR:  This page is devoted exclusively to the master events calendar for your association.  It is meant to be the first page you look at to see when and where events are happening.  Events such as:  Chapter Meetings, State Board Meetings, Roadeos, Conferences, and Other Events are listed on this calendar.  We actively encourage all chapters to send their meeting dates and times so that you, as members, can see when things are happening.

JOBS:  This page is devoted exclusively to employment opportunities within the industry.  Again, we encourage all members to forward industry employment opportunities to the website so we can help our fellow members out in obtaining employment.

RESOURCES: This is our most exciting menu on the website.  All of our Conferences, Educational Opportunities, Scholarship Information, Mechanic’s Information, and Industry Links are posted here.  If you need to know about one of the many major conferences hosted around the state, this is definitely the the tab to select.

Thank you again for hanging in there with us as we reorganize the website.  It has really been a good learning experience for me, and I am excited at all of the possibilities that lie ahead as we make further improvements in the months to come.


Your webmaster.

WAPT Capitol Chapter Mid-Winter Workshop

Conference information is now live.  Please either navigate your way to the conference web page under the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, or, click here to go directly to the page.

WAPT State Conference information


Conference information is now live.  Please either navigate your way to the conference web page under the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, or, click here to go directly to the page.


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