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Washington Association for Pupil Transportation » 2017-18 WAPT Scholarships & Awards

2017-18 WAPT Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and Awards


In the interest of promoting and advancing worthy persons within our field, your association, along with your and our partners’ generous support, sponsors several scholarships and awards.  These scholarships and awards are presented every year at the state conference, and are meant to recognize these persons’ merits and hard work at their craft.  Whether they are a deserving high school senior, just embarking on their journey, or a person who has spent many years successfully at their craft, to someone moving steadily along their career arc, these awards are meant to show our appreciation and our support for their dedication to the student transportation field.


2018 Higher Education Student Scholarship

This scholarship is for graduating Washington high school seniors (or those who have graduated a Washington State high school within the past 3 school years) whose parents are members in good standing of WAPT.  These two (one east-side and one west-side) awardees will receive a cash scholarship of $1,000.00.  This award can be used for all types of post-secondary education from trade and vocational schools to four year universities.  With the cost of additional education going up yearly, every little bit helps.

2018 Application – Click here


2018 Entry Level Driver Instructor Scholarship

This scholarship covers the cost of tuition, hotel and meals (this part to be reimbursed per the Washington State per diem rate,) and one year’s dues for WAPT for the driver trainer course and is awarded to one applicant from the east and west sides of the state.  If you are looking to advance your career and also want to find a way to help your fellow drivers, this might be the way for you to go.  Due to changes in in the Entry Level DITC program, the 2016-17 cutoff date for entries is February 14, 2017

2018 Application – Click here


2018 Don Carnahan Memorial PTMTP Scholarship


This scholarship is designed for students who have completed Level One of this program, but have found themselves unable to obtain continuing financial support for additional years.  This scholarship covers the entire cost (tuition, room and board at CWU only…no college credits) for one level of this program.  In addition, this award also includes one year’s membership dues to WAPT.  Awardees can re-apply for successive program years; which means the possibility exists for one person to have 3 years of this program covered by scholarship.  Again, there will be one scholarship recipient chosen from both the east and west sides of Washington.

2018 Application – Click here 


2018 Outstanding Transportation Person Award


This award is meant to honor those who “Promote and foster the highest degree of safety and efficiency in the transportation of school children,” and can be awarded to anyone from your ESD chapters who best exemplify this statement.  Please note that the winner does not necessarily need to be a member of WAPT so that the most deserving person can win this award.

2018 Application – Click here


2018 Sharon Schalk Leadership Award


This award is for those people currently in an administrative, management, or supervisory position who best exemplify leadership in pupil transportation management and/or safety. For this award, the person being nominated must be a WAPT member in good standing for at least 3 years and must also be in an administrative/management/supervisor position for at least 5 years.

2018 Application – Click Here


2018 WAPT Hall of Fame Award


Receiving this award represents the highest honor an individual can receive from WAPT.  For this award, an individual must meet the highest standards of personal and professional integrity including distinguished service to both the industry and the Association.  Areas where this person must have distinguished him- or herself include, but are not limited to:

  • Provided valuable information and support to WAPT on or about school bus safety issues;
  • Improved public relations on behalf of school transportation safety through writing and speaking;
  • Participated in significant state and local activities to present and reflect the positive attributes of WAPT and school transportation safety;
  • Diligently served the cause of pupil transportation and WAPT through service, contributions, inventions or innovations including but not limited to new procedures; and
  • Any other accomplishment considered as being worthy of recognition

Applications/Nominations are accepted anytime between November 1st and May 15th of the school year.  More information regarding this honor can be found by downloading the application at the link listed below:

2018 Application – Click Here

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